Exfine Chemicals founded in 2002, is committed to the research, manufacture and marketing pesticides, formulation and intermediates. We also serve as outsourcing partner for our customers in the areas of agrochemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates & specialty chemicals. The company conducts worldwide marketing in Asia, Europe and South America. The corporation headquarters are located in Shanghai, China. Exfinechem always ready to provide top quality products combined with competitive price and comprehensive commercial service. We are in strong position on supplying Glyphosate, Paraquat, Imazethapyr, Tetrachlorvinphos, DEET, Carbaryl, Methomyl, Bupirimate, Ethirimol etc. Besides technical grade products, we are very strong at formulation recipe development, with abundant and excellent production experience of the following formulation types: SC, FS, CS, OD, EW, EC, SL, ME, WDG, DF, WP. Continually improving formulation recipe to enhance application efficiency of agrochemical active ingredients is the most important subject of our R&D. Experienced specialists here are ready to provide professional service to our customers all the time. We are open, flexible, fast and reliable. We specializes in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly adjuvant, such as dispersants, wetting agents, surface treatment agents for powders, surfactants, stabilizers, emulsifiers and thickeners. We provide technical support for new pesticide formulation development and manufacturing. Now we have been chosen as strategic partner of many worldwide companies. Bolstered by our intensive knowledge, support from our plant and solid relations with selected manufacturers, we invite more chemical enterprises avail themselves of exploiting our resources within the global supply chain for agrochemicals.
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